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At 80 years old, the wartime Willys and Ford Jeep engines have done sterling service.  Many have been rebuilt countless times during their military, civilian and now collectors lives.  The most common weakness is the cracking under the distributor housing. Whilst some cracks can be repaired by a specialist – and it is never a cheap repair, the reality is that such 80 year old blocks need replacing.
The problem is there are no longer any new old stock blocks or indeed new Jeep engines.  In 2018 some reproduction Jeep blocks came onto the market, but they really were not quite up to the required standard and didn’t solve the problem.  So, after two year's international co-operation in design, manufacture, trial and road test, new manufacture Ford and Willys jeep blocks and heads are finally in production and ready to despatch in January. These are exact high specification quality reproductions – indistinguishable from original wartime engine blocks. With a choice of Ford or Willys design, identical dimensions and specifications and a 12 month guarantee, they have received the seal of approval of leading Jeep engine builders Jeffrey Engineering.


WILLYS Wartime Jeep Engine Block

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