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Complete WW2 Jeep set

American lend lease 19 set , manufactured by Zenith,

Complete with power supply(B set removed), 2 x dog bone, variometer, with lead,earth cable, rare power lead, morse key, headset, fob watch holder, radio tray and radio guards. Operators lamp, control box.

antenna and rods,

The set is nice condition, exhibiting age related wear,the inside seems complete (apart from B set) and good condition,all knobs are present and all work as they should, complete with correct GSTP fob watch bakelite holder.

Power supply, again is complete and nice,the case has been repainted olive drab.

Variometer, is nice condition, with lead and original paint, Morse key, is lovely condition.

Dog bone is new old stock, as is the earth cable.

A lovely complete and honest 19 set,

Complete WW2 Jeep set

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